Who are your limbs? Edinburgh Annuale, 27th June 2014

Who are your limbs?
A performance and installation event featuring work-in-progress by Neil Simpson and Catherine Street


27th June, Leith, appointments available between 6 and 8pm. Please email yourlimbs@gmail.com to confirm attendance and we’ll send you the full details including the location in the days preceding the event. Part of Annuale

After spending nine years as a minimalist musician, Neil Simpson is currently developing a new body of work using sound, performance, image, and text. There are two strands to this work. One is an exploration of some of the constraints that apply to human expression and embodiment. This involves static, groaning vocal performances and poems. The other strand is an exploration of fragmentation, continuity and layering. This involves sound work made using granular synthesis, layered and repetitive text works, and digital imaging.

Catherine Street’s installations are pervasive and dramatic. Layering elements of video, sound, drawing, collage, texts, and performance she creates potent and atmospheric environments. Street’s own body is often present on film and in actuality, undertaking tasks of endurance and repetition. She is currently experimenting with new installation, writing, performance and assemblage work. The work explores a hypothetical aspiration to become a new entity which transcends gender, species and time.

Image above: Neil Simpson, static vocal performance at CCA Glasgow, 2014

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