Cannibalistic Christmas – Sunday 19th December

Performance by Wounded Knee and re-enactment of Lygia Clark’s Cannibalistic Drool.

Please contact me for full details of this event.

“In 1929 Oswald de Andrade published the “Anthropophagite Manifesto” in Brazil. Anthropophagy, or cannibalism, in this sense refers to “the consumption of the human being as a moral entity.” Paulo Herkenhoff, the Brazilian curator and art historian sees this use of the word as part of a “strategy of cultural emancipation”; a visceral, provocative metaphor of consumption and renewal describing relationships of power and influence”. Marie Carter.

More about Lygia Clark here and here.

Image: Lygia Clark – Cannibalistic Drool (Baba Antropofagica), 1973

Everyone has a small spool of thread. One person lies on the floor and the others form a tight circle around. They each place the spool of thread in their mouths and with eyes closed, each one pulls the thread from his or her mouth, unraveling the spool onto the participant below. The falling threads gradually form a web or mesh that covers the prostrate participant. Once the spools are emptied, everyone opens their eyes. The performance is intended to be experienced through participation, not as a spectacle for an audience.

This will be followed by a special performance by Wounded Knee. More here.

Image: Wounded Knee – photo by Sandy Hutton.

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