Screening and performances at New Media Scotland, Edinburgh, August 2013, with JL Williams, Owen Green and Martin Parker. Part of Edinburgh Art Festival. (photos Chris Scott).

Catherine Street Continuum August13 1

Catherine Street ContinuumAugust13 2

Catherine Street Continuum August13 3

Catherine Street Continuum August13 4

About Continuum

At the heart of this performance, Street’s film Continuum derives its intense sound and images from the exhausted body of the artist. Street is shown engaged in a sensual and bodily encounter, not only with the physical world but also with the conceptual world of mathematical ideas. She probes her physical limits and at the same moment gives voice to a text that seems to explore those limits in cool theoretical terms. Live readings by Street and Williams weave hallucinatory narratives that allude to the experiential world of human perception alongside a theoretical conception of time and space. Taking cues from the intense audio of the film, Green and Parker’s live performances fill the space with sound that builds in intensity over time.

Screening and performances at Generator Projects, Dundee, November 2012, with JL Williams, Owen Green and Martin Parker (photos Ross Fraser McLean).

Continuum screening Catherine Street

Continuum screening, Catherine Street

Continuum reading

Continuum Martin Parker performance

Continuum reading JL Williams Catherine Street

Continuum Owen Green/Martin Parker performance

Click to listen to a recording of Owen and Martin’s performance.